Talks and events

Conference Presentations and Invited Talks

  1. “Beauty and the Multiverse”, XXV. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Philosophie, Erlangen (originally 09/2020, postponed due to Covid-19 to 2021).
  2. “The ‘algebraic’ vs. ‘non-algebraic’ distinction”, with Daniel Kuby, Workshop on Structuralist Foundations, Universität Wien (02/2020).
  3. “A Second Philosophy account of models of set theory”, Workshop in Set Theory and Philosophy of Mathematics, Universität Paris Diderot (02/2020).
  4. “A Second Philosophy account of the introduction of Forcing”, Set theory in the UK 4, Universität Oxford (12/2019).
  5. “Mutually inconsistent set theoretic-universes: An analysis of universist and multiversist strategies”, with Daniel Kuby, CLMPS 2019, Prag (08/2019).
  6. “Multiverse conceptions reconsidered”, ICLA 2019, IIT Delhi (03/2019).
  7. “Forcing approaches are not philosophically neutral”, Seminar of the MCMP, LMU Munich (01/2019).
  8. “The practice of forcing in mathematical logic and its relevance to foundational issues”, with Daniel Kuby, Practice-Based Approaches in Science, Mathematics, and Logic: Challenges and Prospects (PASML2018), Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (09/2018).
  9. “Is the era of undecidability results really over?”, UnDecidability, Studierendenkolleg, University of Hamburg (07/2018).
  10. “Modern set theory and Lorenzen’s critique of actual infinity”, Paul Lorenzen: Mathematician and Logician, University of Konstanz (03/2018).
  11. “Living in an inconsistent cosmos: the case of pluralism in modern set theory”, together with Daniel Kuby, Inconsistency and Scientific Pluralism Workshop, Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Ghent University (11/2017).
  12. “The history and philosophy of forcing”, 2nd Symposium of the Set-Theoretic Pluralism Network, University of Bristol. (07/2017).
  13. “Forcing in different theories”, 7th European Congress of Mathematics, Berlin (07/2016).
  14. “Hyperclass-Forcing in Class Theory”, The 5th European Set Theory Conference, Isaac Newton Institute for mathematical Sciences, Cambridge (08/2015).
  15. “Class-Forcing in Class Theory”, Logic Colloquium 2015, Helsinki (08/2015).
  16. “Multiverse conceptions and the hyperuniverse programme” Together with Claudio Ternullo at Foundations of the Formal Sciences (FotFS) VIII “History and Philosophy of the Infinite”, University of Cambridge (09/2013).
  17. “Forcing in modern Set Theory – a conceptual change?”, together with Daniel Kuby, Logic Colloquium at the Departement of Philosophy, University of Konstanz (05/2016).
  18. “Forcing minimal models of an extension of MK”, Logic and Set Theory Seminar, University of Bristol (04/2016).
  19. “Class Forcing” at the Oberseminar mathematische Logik, Bonn Mathematical Logic Group, University of Bonn (06/2015).
  20. “Forcing in Modern Set Theory: A History of Conceptual Change?”, together with Daniel Kuby at Wissenschaftphilosophisches Kolloqium, Institute Vienna Circle, University of Vienna (05/2014).

Organised Conferences

  1. “Colloquium Logicum 2020” der Deutsche Vereinigung für Mathematische Logik und für Grundlagenforschung in den exakten Wissenschaften (DVMLG), member of the scientific and local committee, Konstanz. ( planned for 09/2020, postponed due to Covid-19 to 2021).
  2. “Set theory and its philosophy”, Second Networking Conference of the Forcing Project, (with N. Barton, D. Kant und D. Kuby), University of Konstanz (07/2019). Program.
  3. “Methodological approaches in the study of recent mathematics”, First Networking Conference of the Forcing Project (with D. Kuby), University of Konstanz (09/2018). Program.
  4. “Mathematical Logic”, Mini-Symposium (with V. Fischer, M. Thomas), European Women in Mathematics General Meeting, Graz, Österreich (09/2018).
  5. “Forcing and Philosophy”, Young Researcher Workshop (with D. Kuby), Zukunftskolleg, Universität Konstanz (01/2018).
  6. Symposia on the Foundations of Mathematics (SotFoM) series, co-organized with Neil Barton, Claudio Ternullo and John Wigglesworth:
    • SotFoM, Symposium IV “Reverse Mathematics”, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Munich (October 2017).
    • SotFoM, Symposium III “The Hyperuniverse Program”, Kurt Gödel Research Center, Vienna (October 2015).
    • SotFoM, Symposium II “Competing Foundations?”, The Institute of Philosophy, London (January 2015).
    • SotFoM, Symposium I, Kurt Gödel Research Center,  Vienna (July 2014).