Talks and events

Recent and upcoming talks

  1. “The transformaltion of set theory between mathematics and foundations“, 23. Rheinisch-Westfälisches Seminar zur Geschichte und Philosophie der Mathematik, Paderborn, Germany. 07/2023.

  2. “Bertrand Russel and the role of logic in modern philosophy“, Ringvorlesung, Department of Philosophy, University of Erlangen/Nürnberg, Germany. 07/2023.

  3. Defectiveness of formal concept”, Special Session Logic and Philosophy”, Logic Colloquium 2023, University of Milan, Italy. 06/2023.

  4. Epistemic dependence, linguistic trading and cognitive resources: insights from interdisciplinary research”, Conference What can philosophy do for set theory?, University of Barcelona, Spain. 03/2023.

  5. “Engineering the concept of set in practice – a case for concept pluralism?”, Conference Engineering The Concept of Collection, University of Oslo, Norway. 06/2022.

  6. “The role of examples in mathematical resoning”, closing conference of the project Formalism, Formalization, Intuition and Understanding in Mathematics: From Informal Practice to Formal Systems and Back Again, Paris. 06/2022.

  7. “Defective concept and pluralism in mathematics”, The Oxford Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar, Oxford University. 05/2022

Organised Conferences

  1. “Actualism and potentialism: a conference in the philosophy of mathematics”, (together with S. Roberts), University of Konstanz. 09/2023.

  2. “Colloquium Logicum” of the German Society for Mathematical Logic and Foundations of the exact sciences (DVMLG), member of the scientific and local committee, Konstanz. 09/2022.

  3. “Masterclass on the set-theoretic multiverse with Joel David Hamkins”, (together with G. Venturi), University of Konstanz. 09/2022.

  4. “Set theory and its philosophy”, Second Networking Conference of the Forcing Project, (with N. Barton, D. Kant und D. Kuby), University of Konstanz (07/2019). Program.
  5. “Methodological approaches in the study of recent mathematics”, First Networking Conference of the Forcing Project (with D. Kuby), University of Konstanz (09/2018). Program.
  6. “Mathematical Logic”, Mini-Symposium (with V. Fischer, M. Thomas), European Women in Mathematics General Meeting, Graz, Österreich (09/2018).
  7. “Forcing and Philosophy”, Young Researcher Workshop (with D. Kuby), Zukunftskolleg, Universität Konstanz (01/2018).
  8. Symposia on the Foundations of Mathematics (SotFoM) series, co-organized with Neil Barton, Claudio Ternullo and John Wigglesworth:
    • SotFoM, Symposium IV “Reverse Mathematics”, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Munich (October 2017).
    • SotFoM, Symposium III “The Hyperuniverse Program”, Kurt Gödel Research Center, Vienna (October 2015).
    • SotFoM, Symposium II “Competing Foundations?”, The Institute of Philosophy, London (January 2015).
    • SotFoM, Symposium I, Kurt Gödel Research Center,  Vienna (July 2014).